Caring for our environment and the world we leave or children requires all of us to do our part. Over the past several years Viking has tried to do our part in big ways and small. Our stone shop has a closed loop water filtration system, we recycle our office paper, have upgraded our lighting to more energy efficient fixtures and bulbs and replaced our bottled water with filtered city water. What is most important is not what we have done, it will be our continued focus on what more we can do in the future.

“Green” has taken on many meanings from sustainability to recycled content, environmental impact, carbon footprint and indoor air quality. Whether your building a LEED certified project or you feel a social responsibility, let Viking guide you through the process and identify the right products for your project.




Many of our cabinet and countertop products are certified by one or more of the following organizations:

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In 2006, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) created the Environmental Stewardship Program to help cabinet manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability and help consumers easily identify environmentally-friendly products. After meeting certification requirements in areas of air quality, product and process resource management, environmental stewardship, and community relations, cabinet manufacturers can display the ESP seal on their products. The ESP seal helps you identify cabinets and cabinet manufacturers who are committed to protecting the environment. Nearly a hundred twenty cabinet manufacturers have already earned ESP certification and more are on their way to completing the review process.